Technology Support


Rochester MN's Leader in Residential and Small Business Computer Technology Support

How do we help you enjoy your technological life?

Our main purpose is to help you setup, use, and enjoy your computer and other technology in your life. We think you should feel good about using your computer and other devices with confidence. We can help you get there!

We are here to help both the home and small business users

We understand people need different levels of help and support. Some only need simple instructions on how to copy, move, and organize files, while others need help using complex technology to manage their small business. We are here to fulfill all of these different needs and provide a safe, worry free, computing experience with the knowledge that your personal and business files are safe and secure.

We Can Come to You

On site support is a great value if you want the most personalized support experience. We can schedule a time and day to have a highly trained, friendly technician come out to your home or business and setup new computers, devices, and software, provide hands on training, remove viruses, troubleshoot computers, printers, and network issues that you are experiencing.

Connect to Us From Home

This is often a lower cost solution to help you and can be the best value in many situations. A highly trained, friendly technician can remotely log into your computer, this means we can see your screen just like we were with you. This is a great solution for training, removing viruses, helping setup printers, troubleshooting problems, and other support.

Just Drop in and See Us

We would like to see you! Sometimes it is easiest to just stop in and ask a question or get a more complex problem fixed. We are open at set hours so you can stop in anytime without an appointment needed.

Proactively Keep your Computer Safe and Save Money with our “Protect Me” Service!