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Keep Your Priceless Pictures and Files Safe!

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Are your priceless pictures and files safe if your computer or drive fails? Are they protected from viruses that can encrypt your files and hold them hostage for thousands of dollars? If you have any important files - Pictures, Documents, Videos - then you need to make sure they are in at least two separate places, ideally even three. One location should be your computer, and then the second location for those files should be either on an external hard drive, or backed up to the cloud. Both of these backup methods have pros and cons.

External hard drives have been used for backing up since the dawn of computers.


  • Protects against mechanical failure of the computer’s hard drive

  • If done correctly - can protect against losing files to viruses

  • Can be as simple as copy/pasting the files to the external drive

  • Can be as complex as having software configured to automate the backup for you

  • Recovering files is as quick as copying them back off the external drive


  • Data can be lost to fire/flood

  • Data can also be lost to something as simple as a burglary

  • The Drive itself can be lost fairly easily

  • The Drive can be easily damaged if dropped or if it has any encounters with pets

Cloud backups have been growing in popularity every day.


  • Files are automatically backed up to the cloud in real time

  • With a good service - multiple copies/versions of files are being backed up

  • You can access the backup from any computer over the web

  • Protected against burglary, fires, and floods


  • Monthly/Yearly subscription required for cloud services (still a great value)

  • Restoring files is slower over the internet than from a physical device

Whether you back up to an external drive or to the cloud - you also need to regularly verify the backup to ensure it is complete and all your priceless files and memories are actually safe.

If you would like any help, Bright-Eyed Computer can guide you through this process. We can help you decide which backup best fits your needs and configure it for you. We can also help remind you to backup and regularly verify that the backup is doing what it is supposed to be doing: keeping your lifetime of precious files safe!

Please contact us if you need any help or have any questions about setting this up.