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Transfer contacts from outlook express address book to charter webmail


If you decide you want to move from Outlook Express to the web based Charter Communications email system you will want to transfer your contacts from your address book to the cloud. The standard method is to export your address book from within outlook express to a comma separated value file, .csv .  Once you have this .csv file you log into your email account and can import the contacts via the newly created file. This standard method fails. The names get transfered correctly, but the email address is not placed in the proper field. This does not allow auto fill of the email address when you are creating a new email.

The solution for this is to use an intermediate program like Thunderbird. The idea is to first import them to Thunderbird directly from outlook express, then use Thunderbird to export them to a .csv file. If you use this .csv file to upload your contacts to charter they all get transferred properly with the email address in place.

1. You will need to install Thunderbird email client on the same pc that you have outlook express installed.

2. open Thunderbird, click on ‘Address Book’, click on ‘Tools’, click on ‘Import’, check ‘Address Books’, click ‘next’, choose ‘Outlook Express’, click ‘Finish’

3. Close and reopen the address book

4. Open the ‘Outlook Express Address Book’ on the left pane. Then highlight all of the addresses on the right using a ‘ctrl  a’ key combination, choose ‘Tools’, choose ‘Export’, make sure ‘save as type’ is set to ‘comma separated’.

Now you have a comma separated value file, .csv,  that will properly move your contacts to the charter email server :-)