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Bring in your Apple MacBook or iMac and let us test it from top to bottom for FREE. After providing you with this valuable service you will know what repairs and/or optimizations are needed and the costs involved to get your MacBook or iMac running like new again, all before making any financial decisions!


You may ask why we claim the top spot for specialized Apple MacBook and iMac repair in Rochester MN. This is because we have invested thousands of dollars in specialized equipment and hundreds of hours in training which allows us to perform component level logic board repair. Component level repair means we just fix the bad components on the logic board instead of replacing the whole unit. This means you save money! We also stock lots of the most commonly used parts to allow fast repairs and minimize time without your system.

Apple has a policy of only replacing whole parts or multiple parts of the computer instead of just fixing what needs to be done. For example, if the keyboard gets damaged because it was spilled on, at a minimum Apple will require you to replace the whole top case, including the battery, when all that needs to be done is the keyboard. This means a repair from them will easily cost double what we will charge. To add to that, if a drop of liquid also gets inside the case and has not actually caused damage, they may have you additionally replace the whole logic board. At this point, the cost is getting as high as a new computer and they will recommend you to buy a new one. Bright-Eyed Computer or another quality third-party repair shops can do only the repair that needs to be done at great savings!


Our business was built by providing the highest quality work possible with an industry leading 1 year warranty on all repairs. If you are not satisfied or our service did not met our standards, we will make adjustments until right. Unlike our 1 year warranty, Apple only provides 90 day warranty for repairs

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  • Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac Optimization / Tuneup

  • Apple Mac Screen / LCD Repair / Replacement

  • Apple Mac/MacBook Keyboard Repair / Replacement

  • Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac Hard Drive Replacement

  • Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade

  • Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac RAM Upgrade and Replacement

  • Fix Overheating Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac

  • Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac / OSX Operating System Restoration

  • Apple Mac/MacBook Battery Replacement

  • Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac Logic board Repair / Replacement

  • Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac Crashing

  • Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac Freezing

  • Slow Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac

  • Apple Mac/MacBook/iMac Wireless Problems