$99 Hard Drive, Flash Drive, memory card Recovery Rochester MN, Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities

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Rochester MN's Leader in Professional Hard / Flash Drive Data Recovery For as Low as $120

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Our passion is safely recovering all of your data at an affordable price.

We take our responsibility of retrieving your data seriously.  With our extensive training and large investment in the best data recovery equipment available, successful recovery of your data is accomplished at a fraction of the cost that the giant national recovery labs charge.

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We offer a free, no obligation assessment of your hard drive, memory card, and other storage devices. 

Bring in or ship your device to our store for the free, initial assessment. After the assessment of your device you will know what data can be recovered. Quotes are based on the following three levels of failure, and if we are not able to recover the data you want then there is no fee.


Level I includes some memory card recovery, SD card recovery, and hard drives with minor file system damage, most hard drives in computers that will not power up (dead computers), or many others for a flat rate of only $120.


Level II is for advanced recoveries which require specialized equipment and techniques. These may include some flash drives, SD cards, and hard drives with moderate corruption or minor damage to circuit boards.


Level III is for the most difficult and severe cases. These may include severe levels of corruption, major damage or failure of circuit boards, or damage or failure of internal drive components that require a dedicated clean room lab to recover your information.


*** If you decide to bring your hard drive or other storage device to another lab, make sure they do not charge you for assessments or failed attempts. This is not a standard practice in the industry ***

We serve Rochester and the Southeast Minnesota Region; Austin, Albert Lee, Owatonna. We service major communities such as Minneapolis/St. Paul, Red Wing, La Crosse, and Mason City.